Friday, January 20, 2012

Things I definitely almost want to buy

Happy Friday!
Yesterday I went out to my grandmother's house and cleaned her bathrooms and floors and cabinets. She's a slave driver, that grandmama of mine. 
But after I finished cleaning and she finished a doctor's appointment, we met in Denver and went to a consignment store and an antique mall together. We're big shopping buddies, and we both have a passion for old, used stuff. Antiques. That sounds better.
Anyway, I thought I'd share my favorite finds with you all.
Remember when I told you about my desire for a green chesterfield sofa
Well, I almost found it. This one's blue, which is almost as good, or better, when you consider how neutral this sofa could be.
Sigh, isn't that just the prettiest sofa you've ever seen? To me it is. I don't dig the pillows, but I love the shape, the nail head trim, the tufting, the rolled arms. I also love the price. It's about $450! We've actually been talking a lot about getting a leather sofa because our white cloth couch is starting to get awfully stained. Also, the upholstery is falling off in the back. This blue couch is pretty much my dream sofa. It's only problem? It's too short to lie down on. My feet had to be propped up on the arm. Sigh, I don't know if it's smart to get a sofa you can't lie on. What if someone needs to sleep on the couch??
And then there's this.
I have never seen such a cool hall tree/umbrella rack/thing. It's an awesome shiny orange-y red and I just love it. I've been drooling over hall trees for some time, and all the antique ones I've ever seen were literally $1000 or beyond. This one's $142. I have that much money saved up in cash in my H&M fund drawer. 
I know. This post coming on the heels of my "we're so broke/spoiled" post from yesterday. I'm a hypocritical pendulum of excess and miserliness.
What do you think? Should I, shouldn't I? Would you? 

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