Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome, November!

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Can you believe it's November already?!
I had a very nice Halloween, mostly because I spent it with my daddy! We drove up to Boulder and had lunch together, then walked around the CU campus until he had to go into a meeting. I read outside and soaked up sunshine under a pretty orange tree whose leaves fell on me periodically. I met up with my grandparents and we all attended a graduate-level talk my dad gave on optics and wave front technology. 
After the lecture, my grandparents and I went over to Pearl St Mall to walk around. There were a million people in costumes including bunches of adorable little kids trick or treating in the stores. We had a drink on the patio of a restaurant and watched the costumes while waiting for my dad to finish meetings and come have dinner with us. We had a really good time chatting and laughing and trying not to freeze. We at least had jackets, unlike some of the costumed hooligans we saw. My favorite costume was a person dressed like an oversized house plant, complete with terracotta pot! It was so realistic that it took us a while to realize that it was a costume at all! 
Today has been fairly relaxed. I just got back home from an Air Force Promotion Ceremony, where Phillip and a couple of his coworkers were being recognized for being "True Wingmen." Military ceremonies always make me feel super proud. 
We're expecting tons of snow tonight to welcome the new month in, and I've put on a pot of chicken baked potato soup to celebrate the chilly weather. 
I hope you're looking forward to the start of the holiday season! 

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