Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A simplified list of {things that make me nervous}

1.) Snakes
2.) Social situations involving anyone I've known less than 3 years
3.) Driving in snow
4.) Confrontations
5.) Caffeine
6.) The mummified person hanging from my neighbor's tree as a Halloween decoration
7.) Interviews
8.) Costume parties
9.) Eating gluten
10.) Driving on base
11.) Forgetting deodorant
12.) Sleeping with the bedroom door open
13.) Talking on the phone to people I don't know well
14.) Lighting a propane stove/grill with a match
15.) Snakes
16.) Parents screaming at their kids in public, or vice-versa
17.) Politics
18.) Sushi
19.) People dropping by when I haven't cleaned my house (or when I haven't showered yet)
20.) Phillip's bosses
21.) Buying new shoes
22.) Cooking for anyone who might judge my cooking abilities
23.) Muddy shoes and carpet
24.) Rogue eyebrow or chin hairs
25.) Lakes with seaweed stuff that grabs my legs


  1. I love that snakes bother you so much that you had to put them on your list twice!

  2. Hehe that made me laugh too. I'm impressed that only 25 things make you nervous! With me it would be more like in the hundreds....

  3. I'm with you on the snakes....gas stoves really do blow up if you aren't careful...and the snakes....and the snakes...and the....

  4. I only put down 25....I could probably think of a lot more...