Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pick one

                                                                           Source: 1kindesign.com via Daniella on Pinterest

I absolutely love this space. It's so open and clean, but still feels warm and comfortable thanks to that delicious orange and red and the fluffy white rug. I absolutely love that long wall of art on the pretty gray walls! And you probably already know that I love white sofas! 
                                                                      Source: zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com via Daniella on Pinterest

But then again, maybe I'm more of a crowded, cluttered, comfortable on a blue velvet sofa with purple pillows and shiny lamps kind of girl? That moody but colorful art and the cluttered up built-in shelves are definitely me, too!
Somehow these rooms both make me want to come in and stay forever. 
Which would you prefer? 


  1. I like the colors of the first, but the layout and feel of the second...

  2. Hmmm, I would take the second one. Although I would like to visit the first one, it doesn't have a good homey feeling to it. I love the books in the second one. I love the blue comfortable looking couch with all the cushins. The cluttered coffee table looks like life.

    yup, the second one. :)

  3. Where is the sofa from/who's the designer?