Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! We had a very nice weekend full of friends and family and some good old couch time. On Friday night we went to our young adult Bible study and met the most adorable little nine day old baby! Oh, and we had a good time talking to his parents, too ;) We spent the night with my grandparents and tailgated before watching the Air Force come back from behind and beat the Army! It was a really good game! But holy cow, I froze! The sun never really came out all day and it even snowed at tiny bit, and I was so cold all day that I never did manage to warm up that night, not even after a hot bath and a big cup of tea! 
Sunday was very relaxed, Phillip had a lot of homework to do and we caught up on some TV shows. And so far today I haven't gotten much done, either. But I have big plans to walk my dog and maybe even go out and buy milk.
Impressive, I know.
                                                                       Source: via Daniella on Pinterest

How was your weekend? 

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