Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In my {very strange} dreams...

I'm making up a quick cup of coffee and trying to finish up a few quick projects as I run out the door to help my grandmama clean her house and maybe decorate a little for Christmas. 
I just wanted to pop in and tell you about last night's dream.
As you may not know, I have extremely strange, random, and vivid dreams. Not every night, but plenty of nights. And every once in a while, a dream really stands out. 
                                                                             Source: via Daniella on Pinterest

Last night (or rather, this morning) I had such a dream.
I was in a fancy house for a ball or some sort of party. I was, for some reason, wearing my retainers that I normally only wear to bed. Some part of the party was cancelled, and I had to change out of my fancy ball gown for a shorter (although still rather fancy) black lacy poofy gown. I was in the bathroom and my retainer started to feel funny. I removed it left back molar completely disintegrated! It fell apart into a million hard little pieces like chunky sand filling my mouth. Ewwwww.
I went and found my mom, spitting out chunks of tooth into my hand along the way.
She examined my mouth and handed my a needle syringe with mysterious clear liquid. Apparently, I had to inject it into the gums where my tooth had been within a specific time period and the tooth would grow back!
Phillip and I were suddenly rushing through an airport, searching for a bathroom with good enough light for him to see into my mouth to inject the magic formula. Time was running out. this point my memory of the dream is a little fuzzy. There was a long customs-type line with scary gun-toting officials, but Phillip got us through. Then somehow we ran into a giant who took a fond interest in me and wouldn't let us go on in our quest to find a bathroom and inject the formula. 
In fact, I woke up before I could ever get that magical shot. 
Fortunately, I also woke up with all of my teeth.
Unfortunately, I did not wake up with that black lacy dress.
It looked a lot like the one above, actually.
What is the craziest dream you can remember?

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  1. hahaha! random dreams are awesome! glad you still have your tooth...