Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft day

                                                                                   Source: google.ie via Daniella on Pinterest

Today I'm back to crafting like crazy as I try to get all of my Christmas presents done before going to Albuquerque next week. I have at least 3 crafts going at once right now (because I have to wait on paint to dry and such) and my pointer finger is both bruised and burned, but so far its been a productive day. What are you up to on this fine Tuesday? 


  1. I worked for a while, then went Christmas shopping. I'm almost done, but most of the family's just getting cards this year. Can you send me your current address? Either through facebook or to ema299@gmail.

    Oh, and I wanted to show you this: http://www.grandinroad.com/martha-stewart-flights-of-fancy-ornament-collection/393174

    The catalog has them all on a glittery gold and silver tinsel tree and it looks so gorgeous, but unfortunately it doesn't show up like that on the web site. There are also stockings and a tree skirt to match.

    I get to see your mom tomorrow! I'm so excited, but I wish you could be here, too. :-( Tell Phillip hi for me and hugs to both of you!

  2. OOOH! Pretty pretty peacocks! I love them! I obviously started this whole peacock trend by making it my wedding theme. I'm so cool.

  3. WOW!! You are so on the ball. I was just thinking today that I don't have ANY ideas for gifts this year. I have got to get my act together, but all I want to do is curl up with a good book and hot cup of tea....... I need a Christmas trainer or something...