Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inspired by {strange steps}

                                                                                 Source: google.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                                 Source: None via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                           Source: woodlove.tumblr.com via Daniella on Pinterest

I think the best part of owning your own home must be the amazing details and individual updates you can add without consulting anyone else. If you want a slide instead of stairs, go for it! Crazy architectural stairs would be a big selling point for me if we were buying a house. These are just too fun!

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  1. These were all great, and I would find a hundred excuses to go up the stairs if I could slide down afterwards. When I looked at that first set of stairs, all I could think of was how much fun it would be to toss marbles, balls, slinkies, etc, down those. I would definitely go for one of these houses.