Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September days

Can you all believe that it's already September?! With all the great company I've been entertaining, Summer has really flown by! I can't believe that in a matter of days, Autumn will be upon us and we'll be crunching through leaves, throwing on boots and scarves and layers, and drinking apple cider again. Our weather started to cool off this weekend, dipping down into the fifties and bringing cool mornings and evenings.
 I'm already preparing for the colder months ahead. At the thrift store this weekend I got a red leather jacket, a pair of patent leather oxfords, and a chambray dress, plus a few other goodies, all at 50% off! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect brown leather boots (well actually, I've found lots of "perfect" boots, but haven't been able to justify buying them just yet!). I'm also searching for the perfect mustard sweater, and a chunky striped sweater, and new comfy jeans. And something pleated, probably a skirt. And leg warmers. I know. I'm strange. But I promise not to wear them all at once!
What's on your wishlist for Fall? 


  1. You are on my wishlist for fall! Also, my bed, some real butter, my blanket, a good book, and some fuzzy slippers! I also would love to try some nice fall-ish hairstyles, such as pretty braids or messy buns. It sounds like you are on a good start to having all your autumn clothes. I'm still stuck at the past with my sundresses and shorts..

  2. what is a chambray dress? is that a fabric or a brand?

    I want a green plaid skirt...I used to have one that I loved but it is too small and now it is Mom's...:-(