Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fabric Roses

                                                               Source: via Jessica on Pinterest
                                                             Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

I spent a lot of time yesterday making fabric flowers for some crafts I'm working on. Cherry Street Cottage has a great tutorial on how to make these gorgeous roses. I have definitely done it her way using hot glue, but yesterday I was watching TV and hand stitching my roses, because I've found that the hot glue will eventually give up and my crafts will sometimes come undone. I've especially noticed this ungluing problem on things like hair clips and brooches that take a lot of wear and tear, and since I'm planning on using some of my roses for throw pillows and t-shirts, I wanted them to stand the test of time. 
I have a girl date this afternoon with a new friend I made at church, and I'm very excited to hang out with her and her adorable baby daughter. I need my baby fix now that I'm so far away from my nieces and nephews. 
Tonight I am planning on trying to volunteer at the AWANA program at the church we've been attending. I emailed the director a while ago and never heard back, so I'm going to just show up and hope they let me play with the kiddos. I have really missed AWANA since I moved in February. 
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Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Ouch. Your just calling me out in public every way you can think of now arnt you!? Or mabey this was a test to see if i really read you blog... well I do :P
    Love you...