Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In my {gypsy} dreams

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As a young girl, the idea of gypsies always held such fascination. Their colored wagons, vibrant clothing, and nomadic lifestyle sounded so glamorous and carefree. My grandmother told me stories of dangerous encounters with real gypsies in Europe, and I used to run away to the woods and wrap my hair in a scarf, longing to be wild and free.
The term gypsy is now often considered derogatory, as it has been used to negatively categorize Romani ethnic groups.  Historically, gypsy neighborhoods were shared by bohemians, the fringe of society, poor artists and authors, actors and musicians. Not so glamorous when you consider the poverty and sadness associated with their living conditions. 
But somehow, the fascination remains, and "Bohemian" is now a term for people living unconventional and artistic lives. Boho-chic is a fashion term coined in the twenty first century to describe women who dress if flowery, flowing clothes in an attempt to look unconventional and non-bourgeois. 
And why not? Who wouldn't want to lunch on a tree stump and travel the world in a red and gold wagon?

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  1. One of my favorite piano songs to play was "Malaguena". My piano teacher played it beautifully! The words were of being fancy free as a gypsy. I did long to go do that myself! :D When you buy your wagon hollar and I will come with you.