Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Houk Home Tours: Guest Room

So, as promised, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the guest room. Like the living room, it's not really "finished." But it is starting to look pretty and comfortable, and I really like how it's coming together. I think it's also worth noting that, accidentally, I am using the color scheme from Hannah's dorm room post I did a few weeks back. 
The photo's aren't great, but you get the idea!
It's sort of become a gathering place for most of my peacock paraphernalia. And, as I predicted, my mother in law said "Pretty!" and my father in law said "Ugh, that's girly, I'm not staying in there!" 
Good thing my next house guests are girls! 


  1. your guest room looks really nice! I love the color scheme!

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  3. Haha...your father in law makes me laugh. Tell him he can sleep on the couch (or is the damask pattern in that too girly too? ;-)
    I like your guestroom - I think those colors are really pretty together! I don't know if its just your camera or the perspective, or if all the rooms in your new house really are absolutely HUGE! But they kinda look that way. I can't wait to come and's definitely not too girly for me! ;-)