Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Child

I have so many amazing rooms saved up to share with you, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with how to organize them all. But they do often fall into categories, and so I present a new weekly feature: Thursday's Child posts, where I'll feature fabulous children's rooms and nurseries! I love finding unique children's room ideas and saving them up for the future, but I might was well share them with all of you, too!
 I absolutely love this nursery, it is so bright and cheerful without being too babyish. I think this room could easily be transitioned into a little girl's and even teenage girl's room with very little redecorating! Which is smart if you don't have the time and money to redecorate for every age. Heck, take out the crib and changing table and this could be a fabulous guest room! 
What do you think? Would you rather have a more childish nursery? Or do you like this look?
Happy Thursday!


  1. I like the colors, but I can't help thinking it has too many different conflicting patterns - it kind of hurts my eyes! To me its overwhelming...but a baby might actually like it, because babies see/like patterns better than solids...

  2. I love that rug. I wouldn't have chosen so many different patterns, but then I had decided to decorate a nursery with hot air balloons.