Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bikram's Yoga: Take 2

Today I am proud to say that I made it all the way through a Bikram's Yoga class here in Lynchburg! After my last disastrous attempt, it felt great to make it through the whole class! I did (of course) have to sit down a few times and I couldn't quite do all of the postures, but I really did enjoy it! I am hoping I got rid of a lot of toxins, because it was soooo sweaty!!
I loved the Bikram's studio here in Lynchburg, it was beautiful and the instructors were beautiful and sweet. I bought a 7 day pass, so I'm hoping to go back as many times as I can in the next week! Since I am missing my first soccer season basically ever, it felt great to finally get some really intense exercise. Thanks, Arielei, for making me go! 
(Seriously, this girl did awesome at yoga. Please don't kill me in my sleep for posting this picture ;)


  1. so proud of you for going back!!! My sister would be too!

  2. hahahahahaha! i -should- kill you in your sleep for posting this picture!!