Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanging by a Wire

Bare bulb lighting is all the rage, and I'm kind of digging these images. But I'm pretty much just fond of any form of unique lighting. All of these are brilliant! I am definitely going to try those cupcake wrapper lights!
via manolo

Do you like bare bulbs? Or any of these other forms of hanging lights?
via mfamb


  1. I don't really care for bare bulbs...I like traditional chandeliers myself...but I have to admit those top hats are AWESOME! Not "I want them in my own house" awesome, but awesome nevertheless. I think you should try the cupcake wrapper thing. You could also do some pretty cool stuff with clear Christmas tree know, the tiny twinkly ones.

  2. Yeah, I figured you wouldn't love them. But you have to admit they look cool in more modern spaces. I think there are probably a million things to be done with twinkle lights! Maybe I should get my Christmas lights back out...

  3. I also an not the biggest fan or bare bulbs, because I find they are just to harsh to look at. You can really only enjoy them when they are off. Also they tend to make a terrible glare on glass of your surrounding art. But I say all of this with a big exception of christmas lights and track lights. I think their tiny bulbs add so much character to a room

  4. Hmm I hadn't thought about how their brightness would blind you...I think you would need them to be on a dimmer or high up so that you don't look directly at them. I'm sure there are ways to make them easier on your eyes and art etc, given enough $$. And you could, if you were rich enough, get glare-proof glass ;) Good points all.