Saturday, January 30, 2010


These are things that are making me happy today. The pictures do not do justice to the actual events. 
This is the paint for our guest room, and I am excited that Walmart can mix the expensive brands for  way less! I can't wait to paint!

I am really happy with my new curtains. I made them myself and I think they look really good. The pictures are weird because the sun was streaming in and I couldn't get a straight on shot. 

I'm drinking San Pellegrino and it makes me feel fancy and expensive - in fact, I drank it while getting a pedicure with a bunch of my girl friends today and it was very glamorous. Lets forget about the part where the nail artist thought I was still in highschool, shall we?
I've got a whole collection of flowers growing my house right now. I'm loving my little indoor garden. Flowers make me very very happy.
Especially my pink and purple Hyacinths. They smell heavenly. 

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