Thursday, May 1, 2014


I've been taking some time to breathe.
So many things have happened. I want to share them all with you, but there is too much. Let me sum up.
The husband's deployment got cancelled at the last minute.
The job he was applying for fell through.
Some adoption and fertility plans failed and others are starting to emerge. 
We started training to become certified foster parents.
Work has been crazy, friendships have taken precedence over blogging, flowers have bloomed, winds have blown, tears have fallen, faith has emerged. 
I've needed this time to breathe. 
I've needed to hike, to rest, to cook good food and eat it in the company of love and laughter. I've needed to adjust, to grieve, to postpone explanations and go with my gut.
I'm moving forward with trepidation and with gratitude. I am so excited for these next few months, but also wary of clouds on the horizon.
But Spring has come, with it's blossoms and gusts, it's hope and promise and warm, healing sunshine.
Thanks for waiting while I breathe.

Images via: gypsy mess, sea of shoes


  1. Excellent priorities, my friend :)

  2. This is the air I breathe....Your holy presence, living in me.

  3. "trepidation and gratitude", - the best way to move forward as God leads the way!!! The gratitude because we know HE loves us no matter what and will be right there WITH us. Trepidation, something I need more of, to keep me walking WITH God and not AHEAD of Him. You are such an inspiration!!