Friday, December 13, 2013


This weekend it is definitely, officially Christmas time! We're finally getting around to finding (and decorating) the perfect tree and going to our first holiday party of the season!
The weather has decided to warm up a bit, which doesn't sound very Christmas-y but will allow us to finally put some lights up on the house! 
I've been getting in the spirit by crafting and wrapping and lighting candles every night. And by eating way too many mint m&ms and buying holiday throw pillows and ribbons. And singing carols all day long. 
Oh, and we've also been frantically remodeling the guest bathroom in one last mad effort to get it done before the holiday company is upon us!
I hope your weekend is full to the brim with Christmas time cheer!

Images via: stay rustic, serendipitous wanderings, chrysta

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