Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy {first of fall} Weekend!

Fall is officially beginning this weekend, and I am caught up in my typical excitement over the changing seasons. I think Fall may be my very favorite season of all! (I think I say that about every season, but who's counting!)
I want to take full advantage of the crunchy leaves, brown boots, scarves and sweaters, and hot hot coffee.
I want to go apple-picking and do loads of baking and get more excited than usual about Halloween costumes. I want to craft and sew and spend the mornings under quilts and the afternoons with the sun warming my body. 
I want pumpkins and gourds and mums to surround my house like a protecting army of orange. I want to drink cider and eat pumpkin seeds til I'm thoroughly sick and ready for winter. 
What is your favorite season? What are you most excited to do this Fall?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite season as a kid was summer, so I tend to still have a knee jerk reaction in that direction. Going down to the garden every time I want to make a salad; picking lettuce, carrots, summer squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions, pea pods, radishes, turnips and nasturtium blossoms and trotting back into the house just amazed at all the boundy of God's garden.
    I'm still doing this, so it seems somehow disloyal to move on to fall thoughts. Lots of the pumpkins are still green! Will they make it? Still, the chill of 6:00am and the gold of the ripening pumpkins and even the nasturtium colors are saying the garden is slowly dying away. Fall, ready or not, here you come.