Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a Fall affair: rich hues

Once upon a time I dreamed of having my wedding in the Fall. I was in love with the idea of combining rich hues with flaming foliage and the changing of the year. I ended up getting married in December and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I still have a slight love affair with Autumn weddings.
To me, Fall is the perfect time to mix rustic elements with warm and rich textures.
Bold lips and flowers blended with vintage accessories and seasonal foods and perhaps a bonfire to help you keep the party going as the night turns chilly.
What kind of Fall wedding would you have?

Coming soon: my muted version of a Fall affair!


  1. YES! If I could plan a fall wedding, [Lydia or Sophie, nudge nudge, wink wink] I would use LOTS of red and deep red, and a bit of every other fall color, but the only brown things would be made of wood. The bride and her party would crunch down the aisle (outdoors, of course) on a path of leaves, but not noisy, crunchy ones; just soft ones in beautiful colors. The tables would be long wooden ones with real stumps as the chairs (really dreaming here.) There would be cross-sections of wood on top of filmy long runners, with flowers traipsed along. OK, I'm done.

  2. Mom that sounds perfect! I agree, the aisle runner should be made of fallen leaves!