Thursday, July 18, 2013

oh, hello again

I'm finally back to my normal life after an insanely busy couple of weeks. 
We rushed down to Albuquerque to attend a beautiful wedding and then rushed home so that I could grab my sleeping bag and head off on a mission trip with our youth group. We took a group of middle school kids into downtown Denver to paint houses, play with kids, work in food banks, and learn how to serve Christ while serving others. 
On Friday my mom (who had followed us back up to Denver the day before) picked me up from the mission trip and took me to a doctor's appointment. Then out to clean my grandma's house for a party. Then straight home to my house, where I hadn't been in a week, to stay with me! My mom, dad, and two younger sisters stayed through Wednesday morning. We had a boating party, went to a football game, shopped, sanded my deck, got facials, ate ice cream, and got together with loads of other relatives. 
It was really awesome. I am really tired. In fact, there are a ton of things I'm not even telling you. I'm too tired to even write them. 
But now I'm back. I just have to finish staining my deck, get back to the pregnancy center, and do 7 loads of laundry! 
Is it just me, or are summer's always the busiest?!

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