Monday, June 17, 2013


Oh, hi Monday. You arrived way too quickly.
The weekend flew by delightfully. I pretty much started playing on Thursday night with a special sneak peek showing of Man of Steel and never really slowed down until last night. My brother Isaac and sister in law Melissa came to town and I spent Friday afternoon driving around with them, drinking coffee, and antiquing. They dropped me off at my house and I immediately ran out the door to have dinner with some friends. We didn't get home until 1:30am.
And then we were up and at 'em again bright and early Saturday morning. Isaac, Melissa, Phillip and I went up to Castlewoood Canyon State Park to hike. 
Isaac displays his superiority over the boulder.
The man-made dam. I climbed up this monster, there were giant steps I had to lunge up that really make your buns burn. Yay!
And the gorgeous view from the top. 
A beautiful butterfly on a cactus flower. I love this state. 
After the hiking there was an old car show, a late lunch at a pastry shop, gelato, more antiquing, and general sibling fun. We got home, scarfed down a quick dinner, and hurried over to our friends house to work on costumes for The Dirty Dash.
On Sunday we were again up bright and early to compete (I use that word loosely) in our first fun run! I signed up for this while I was still on crutches as a motivator and I'm so glad I was able to finish, even if there was no "running" on my part.
Pre-race. The four of us were Power Rangers. 'Cause we're cool like that. 
Phillip and I, post-race. There were tons of obstacles, like hay bales to leap and walls to climb and muddy pits to crawl through. We had an absolute blast. Also, please note my tutu. Also, these pics were stolen from Terra.
After showers and another late lunch we hung around with Darren and Terra until evening, when we came home to finally rest and eat popcorn for dinner. 
And that is the story of why I am so tired. 
I hope you had an absolutely fantastic weekend!


  1. That is an amazing weekend!!!

  2. I believe I concur. When I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning, I noticed the striking resemblance to a zombie, haha. Had a great time with you guys this weekend!