Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{finally home}

So sorry for my long absence. I was busily traveling and visiting with family and friends.
My trip started with a visit to Albuquerque for my sister's high school graduation (and my birthday)!
 The graduate (and a boy, gasp!)
My birthday. Making a stupid blowing out the candles face. Nice eye circles, I must be getting old ;)
I went straight from ABQ to Tennessee with my mom, where we took a turn caring for my 93 y/o grandmother so my aunt could get a break.
We spent one night in Nashville and then took the scenic back-route through the Great Smoky Mountains to visit our friend's farm in NC. 
 I can't even describe how much beautiful green we saw! 
Blair's farm is delightfully picturesque. Gardens, fields, donkeys, bees, flowers, a babbling brook, and a farmer with a charming southern accent ;)
We proceeded to Johnson City, TN, where my aunt, uncle, and cousin live is such a pretty town. I got to visit historic Jonesborough, the oldest town in TN. My cousin works there at the International Storytelling Center. I had an amazing time strolling up and down the brick sidewalks, staring at the beautiful buildings, eating in a local cafe, and then listened to a really wonderful story.
We also had the privilege of taking my grandmother to visit Milligan College. Her ancestors were some of the founders of the college and she was so moved to visit. I am so glad she finally got to fulfill a longtime dream of visiting Milligan!
Grandma, my mom, and my cousin Jenna on a bridge at Buffalo Creek on the grounds of Milligan. 
We had such a fun time with grandma and Jenna. Grandma told us story after story about her childhood and family history. She is very quick-witted and made us burst out laughing over and over.

Anyway. That's where I've been. I'm home now to a much hotter, dryer state with very little green and horrible allergies.
And it is good.
What have you been up to while I was away?

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