Monday, April 8, 2013

A peek into my bedroom

Over the weekend, Phillip and I met my grandmother at a furniture consignment store she's been telling me about. We've been looking for a dresser to turn into a vanity when we remodel our hall bathroom and my grandmother had seen one she thought we'd like. 
And she was right! There was a really great sideboard at a really great price, and we bought it and promptly stuck it in the garage to wait. 
And lo and behold, just to the right of the sideboard was this beautiful headboard:
I stared at in longingly for several minutes, checked it hopelessly for a price tag, found none, and walked away. But then I mentioned it to my grandmother. Being much more assertive than me (and less afraid to know how exorbitantly expensive that piece was), she promptly asked the store owner how much the headboard cost. 
One. Hundred. Dollars.
I mean, I know. It sounds like a lot of money when you say it out. But go ahead, google this beauty. Look her up. I found two very similar headboards sold for $500 and $700 and a third being suggested to retail at $5000. This headboard was steal, I tell you!
So I talked Phillip into buying it. 
And I love it.
It also inspired me to clean my bedroom up, especially the dreaded chore of organizing my jewelry and cleaning off the tops of my dressers.
I totally should have closed my dresser drawers.
I've had this IKEA wire hanging thing for months because, like a true hoarder/shoppaholic, I just *knew* I would do something with it! IKEA normally hangs curtains or postcards and stuff, but I find it perfect for my million necklaces. Hurray! 
Ah yes. I still have to fold a huge pile of clean laundry. Keepin' it real, ya'll.
Tiny changes make me super happy. I hope your Monday is as motivated as mine!


  1. Your room looks beautiful, and I'm very impressed by how clean and organized it is! The headboard is gorgeous. It'll be like sleeping in Versailles every night!

  2. Wow!!! a beautiful gift from God & a beautiful transformation for your dressers all at the same time. You HAVE been busy. I really like your ability to think creatively about using You probably got that from your dad. When I try to do that, I break something.