Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today I attended a training at the pregnancy center and we spent some of the time focusing on silence. We did a few breathing exercises and practiced quieting our minds and trying to be comfortably mute. Practicing peacefulness is good for our own self awareness and is also such an important skill in listening to others. No matter how uncomfortable we feel with it, sometimes we just need to sit with another person and be still. I love that part of the Jewish tradition of Shiva includes visiting those in mourning and remaining silent until the mourner speaks. Silence is such an eloquent a way to express sympathy. But this concept can of course be applied to many, many situations that don't involve death. I am often so uncomfortable with silence and I jump into any topic at hand to dispel the quiet. I need to learn to slow down and allow myself and others time to really think before we speak. I hope to practice the art of eloquent silence in my relationships. Because it really can be the most peaceful, eloquent reply.

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  1. Hmmm, I don't tend to think of it as good. Mainly awkward! :) You are right, though, it can be very good. Thanks for the post!