Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{sorry, i've been reading}

I am ~so~ close to finishing Anna Karenina.
I feel like there should be a sign above my door, excusing the mess, that says "Sorry, I've been reading." I feel like that would be a perfectly valid excuse if I was visiting anyone else. Sometimes you just have to leave the dishes for later while you find out what happens next and how it all ends.
I can't wait to finish the book, I really want to see the latest movie version of Anna Karenina. The concept of shooting it all inside a giant theater intrigues me. 
Watch this video. You'll be intrigued, too. 


  1. My goodness, this looks like an amazing rendering of the story. I'll have to read it again before seeing the movie. Or do you think that's wise? for Mrs. Literal, who gets upset if the film deviates at all from the book? maybe better to watch it through the haze of many years' forgetfulness....

  2. I like how they organized all the books in that library by looks really pretty! Of course, that wouldn't last 5 seconds in my house...the books are ALWAYS pulled off the shelves, let alone in the right category...