Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday's Child: Yo-ho!

My sister-in-law is pregnant with a boy! Huzzah! She and her husband have a long history of piracy - pirate costumes, jokes, etc are rampant in the whole family, in fact. 
So don't mind me if I'm a little shocked to find out that they're NOT going to use my brilliant idea to have a pirate-themed nursery! 
Watch out, you two! If you don't do this, maybe I will! 
If you want to add just a touch of piracy to your kiddo's room, check out Target's current pirate collection! I'm personally totally crazy about the octopus pillow. 
Happy Thursday! 


  1. Seriously? How could you NOT use a pirate theme??? ;)
    Congratulations on being an Aunt to a little boy!! I love being an aunt to Joseph. I'm making him a ribbon blanket-slash-gilly suit for Christmas. Little boys are a hoot.

    But also? You're totally allowed to mutter grumpily about your fertile SIL. Rob and I muttered (half jokingly, of course) to ourselves about... well, really anyone we knew that was pregnant. Choruses of snarkily giggled "That Bitch!" could often be heard at our house. ;)

  2. Hahaha whatever gets you through! I love having nephews, I can't wait to meet another one!