Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I'm still recovering a bit from my weekend. I know. That sounds lame. But I went to San Antonio and played five soccer games in two days on a sprained ankle in 100 degrees/100% humidity. Also I'm the only girl on a men's military team in a men's all-military tournament. I rock. ;) It was truly awesome but also majorly exhausting. I stayed with my amazing cousin Erin and we had way, way too much fun together. I was definitely too sore to laugh like that! Of course I took zero pictures, because all that sweat isn't pretty. So you'll just have to trust me that the only thing actually photo-worthy are my new neon pink soccer socks. And right now they're dirty.
But now that I'm back I'm hitting the ground running with a small house update for you!
I should seriously go out of town more often, because Phillip got so much done at home without me! Here are the lights he installed in the kitchen. I love them. These are terrible pictures, I didn't feel like cleaning anything at all before I took them, and so they are "real." Yep, that's how we live, with stuff all over the counters. Just focus on the pretty, shiny new lights. 
He also managed to clean out our garage so that we can actually fit two cars inside! I think his protective side kicked in because he seemed really motivated to make it possible for Emily and I to both park in there. There is obviously still tons of junk (old dishwasher, anyone?), but we'll need a truck to haul that away. 
And speaking of hauling away, here's the really ugly part. Our living/dining room has been the final resting place for all the trash related to the kitchen remodel. And since we don't have a truck, there it has stayed. It's
But here's the great news! My grandpapa is coming over tomorrow with his truck to help me take it all away to the dump! I am seriously so excited! 
That's about all that's happening on my end. What's new with you?


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  2. Ahem. Hey, those first couple pictures of your lights - I thought "oh look, more of Daniella's kitchen inspiration pictures." And then I realized they were actually YOUR kitchen. So hey - good job! It's looking great! And as for the living room...well, yes, it looks bad but if all of that is getting thrown away, it really will shape up in no time at all! I really want to come and see your house...