Wednesday, September 26, 2012

rainy days

The past two days have been so delightfully rainy and cold, and I have been suitably unmotivated to do anything but drink warm things, snuggle with my quilts, light candles and fires, read old-fashioned novels, and take cat naps in the hazy afternoon light. 
I managed to bestir myself for a few hours yesterday to play a soccer game in the rain, which is honestly one of my favorite weathers in which to play. I love the cool wet combined with the heat of sprinting. And I love the mud. I'm honestly a little kid that way.
Now I'm off for a few more sips of Earl Grey and a few more pages of North and South before I try to get something real accomplished. Have a happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. I sooo agree with you. I LOVE fall and winter weather after a busy spring and summer. It is so nice to just relax and find yourself again.

    North and South! What fun!