Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A simplified list {things that motivate me to work out}

1. Swim-suit season.
3. New work-out gear. I'm currently sporting this awesome bra from Target, and it makes me want to work out constantly! I think I'm going for hot pink next....
4. Not being pregnant. If I can't be happy and fat and pregnant, I will be thinner and stronger than all the girls who are. ;)
5. Being on a military men's soccer team. I gotta keep up with those buff military guys!
6. Counting calories and realizing that, unless I work out, I'll have used them all up before dessert.
7. A hilarious new Dr. Who workout game I invented to make me sweat while watching TV.
8. Seeing people from my past.
9. My pastor and his wife, who are both incredibly fit and like twice my age.
10. Back pain.

And this post wouldn't be complete without some of these:
                                                                                    Source: fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                                              Source: someecards.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                                                   Source: someecards.com via Daniella on Pinterest
                                                                                                      Source: google.com via Daniella on Pinterest

I'm especially fond of the "dieting all morning" one. I seriously ask Phillip if I'm skinnier yet within minutes of finishing every single workout. And he always says yes. God bless that man. 

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  1. Hehe you have him well trained. I'm sure you ARE skinnier within minutes of working out. If nothing else, you lost it all through sweat, right? ;-)