Monday, July 23, 2012

A {mad hatter} Tea Party

Hello! Prepare for photo overload!
My friend Shannon, my mom and I, with the help of my sisters, mother-in-law, and many others, threw an Alice in Wonderland themed Bridal shower for Brie. Brie is currently on her honeymoon in Europe, and for that I hate her. Just kidding. I love her. 
Here are some photos of the foods and decor. Some of it I'm super proud of. Some of it I can't take any credit for. 
Shannon and I made dozens of mini fresh fruit tarts. I'm not going to lie, they were probably the most work and also the biggest hit of the shower. But now that I'm experienced and all, I really hope to make them again!
The guest list was over sixty people. Fortunately for us, not all of them showed up ;)  
Cucumber sandwiches. 
Shannon made two different kinds of scones - savory cheddar chive and blueberry. She's awesome. And they were delicious. My only contributions in this department involved burning a batch of scones and making clotted cream. 
Paper pom-poms were everywhere thanks to my mother-in-law! She also helped me make that garland out of a thrift store book. It seriously wound all over the house, and then they were able to re-use it as a wedding decoration.
We had people write a note/advice/etc to the bride and groom.
What's a bridal shower without fresh flowers and chocolate!? I am proud to announce that I arranged all the flowers. Also, the ones in jars served as prizes for the one game we managed to come up with.
Shannon made this hilarious balloon caterpillar! He is even smoking! We were going to have a garden tea party outside, but it rained off and on all day long, so we had to stay inside. 
My sister Sophie hung streamers in the entryway and they were super fun. 
A tiny "eat me, drink me" tray.
I think the drinks bar was my favorite! Apparently there are no good pictures of it anywhere, but we made fruit ice cubes to go in lemonade, water, and iced tea, and coffee ice cubes for iced coffee with flavors and cream. Those coffee ice cubes are now a staple in both my mom's house and mine.
All the bridesmaids helped us out by bringing fruits, veggies, cheeses and crackers, green chile and cream cheese roll-ups, etc. There was TONS of food, and it was good. My mom made the most delicious pasta salad known to man, and it was even gluten free. I gotta get that recipe, mom!
My sister Lydia made this hilarious disappearing Cheshire cat climbing the chimney. It was a little creepy but cool.
Here's the beautiful bride opening her gifts. 
I have to thank Michelle and my mother-in-law Kimberlae for the pictures, because I didn't manage to take a single one! I really gotta work on that. 


  1. WOW!!! You would make an absolutely fabulous caterer. I want to hire you for my girls' weddings.....and we don't even have grooms yet!! The pictures, I'm sure, don't give us half the picture of how wonderful it looked (and tasted). If you ever want a sideline business......I'm just suggesting.....

  2. You are a bridesmaid extraordinaire! My tummy is rumbling just looking at all those tasty tea treats! What a lucky friend you have! :)

  3. AW YAY! Well documented Dani!!! that was so much fun:):)