Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{want it}

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I'm back from a long, long weekend filled with barbecues, kitchen work, sleeping in and staying up late. I have slightly burned shoulders and more freckles on my nose and plans to continue that trend for the rest of the summer. I'm trying to work up the courage to go join the base soccer team tonight. They're starting their season with three full days of try-outs, and as much as I want to play again, I desperately don't want to try out! I'm trying hard to want it more, but it's a struggle today. Sometimes my shy personality takes over and I just can't stand the thought of joining a new team or getting out there with strangers to compete for a spot when I just want to play for fun. I know. The hard decisions I face are truly life-changing. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to this short week!


  1. I would HATE trying out for a team. Fortunately I'm terribly uncoordinated, so that's not an issue for me... but YOU GO!!!! You're going to rock their socks off!! :):)

  2. Hope you make it! (wait, who am I kidding?)

  3. you are brave AND dedicated!! Of course they will want you. Nobody can knock over full size men and look innocent and get away with it like you! (No bloody noses this summer, though, k?)