Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diary of an Unwilling Air Force Wife: Courage

I have to say, these past few months have not been entirely easy. While I technically live a life of relative ease and comfort, I have to face my share of trials just like anyone else. Some weeks I face the challenges more gracefully than others. I'm not know for my motivation or discipline when it comes to most tasks. I'm terrible at exercising regularly and even at making my bed every morning. But I have been making a concerted effort to move slowly towards the accomplishment of my goals. And it's been a long, slow process.
Here is my original list of goals, and how I'm doing:

  • Start an Etsy shop to sell some of my crafts - I started the shop. I listed two whole items, and sold...nothing ;)
  • Finish making all of my half finished or even never-begun crafts - I've finished some. I've begun even more. It's a wash.
  • Take a course and get certified as an interior decorator - Nope
  • Finish painting and decorating my house - I've moved um....3 times since then? I guess this can continue to be a goal for my new house, and I'll have to add "remodel" to the list
  • Run a marathon - You'll be happy to know that I have been running fairly consistently, about 4 times a week for 4 weeks now. I've even gotten much faster - I'm running 3-4 miles oftener and faster. On my way, but I might want to amend this to "1/2 marathon" because it's just a lot more reasonable
  • Cook healthier meals, and cook them more often - Yes!! Since I've moved and don't have a job anymore, I cook a LOT! But this can always be improved, we still eat out and eat junk, cause, well, we do.
  • Master my temper. Become more in love and show it, no matter what - This is definitely a work in process. But I definitely feel the whole Air Force thing has made me appreciate my husband more, and our relationship has improved vastly. Still not perfect, never will be, to be continued always.
  • Learn to speak at least some Spanish - Uh....nada
  • Paint and draw pictures again - I drew my mother-in-law a cute bunny picture for her 50th birthday! And I've done a bit of other drawing, too. But I could definitely stand to do a lot more of this.
  • Make friends with someone outside my normal social circle, preferably with a stranger - uhh.....all my friends in Denver?! Hurray I'm so proud! 
  • Take a class, or join an indoor soccer team, or a book club, bascially a new activity on my own, without friends or family there - get outside my comfort zone - I did join the base soccer team for like...2 games. I hurt my knee and dropped out, I should get back into that! However, I also volunteered at the pregnancy center, which is totally not a club but is definitely something way outside my comfort zone. Plus the whole moving, new town, new church, new everything, thing. I'm giving myself a big A on this one :)
  • Practice the piano so that I can read music and play a song again - But we got a keyboard and my mom showed me how to play songs by the chords. I also practiced scales once. 
  • Read my Bible every single day, no matter what - I'm doing really well at this!! I've promised myself not to turn on my computer every day until I've read it. And I'm doing it! yay!
  • Send packages and snail mail to my friends, especially the ones in other states/countries - I have done some of this! 
  • Become a better blogger and grow my readership - gain a follower I don't know in real life - Well, very slowly but yes! And I do have several internet-only, never met ya but love ya, followers! 
  • So anyway. 
    I've been thinking a lot about the spiritual growth aspects of my goal list, specifically.
    I think the more I grow, spiritually, the bigger my challenges and trials will be. Once I can run X miles, I have to challenge myself to work harder and run further, which is painful and tiring. The same goes for my spiritual walk. The more I can rely on God, the more I trust him, the better I become, the more I will be challenged and tested and stretched. And it can be very, very painful. 
    These past few months have been grueling sometimes, and I often feel like I trip and fall flat in several spiritual areas. But with God's help, I'm still moving forward.

    "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world."
    John 16:33

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    1. Good job, Sis - I am proud of you! I think you have grown a LOT in many areas, and the fact that you have goals and are keeping track of your progress is really awesome. You're an inspiration and encouragement to me, and I love and miss you SO much!