Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's Child: Indians

This episode of Thursday's Child is brought to you by an embarrassing story from Phillip's past. Don't worry, he'll never know, since he doesn't read this anyway!

Phillip grew up in Farmington, NM. His mom worked for the Public Health Service in Shiprock, right on the Navajo Reservation. In case you didn't know, NM is full of Native Americans. Farmington is no exception, in fact, there is I think an even bigger percentage of Native Americans there due to it's proximity to reservations. 
Needless to say, Phillip had been around his fair share of Native Americans. But to him, as a small child, they were just people.
One day, his parents took him to a Navajo festival of some kind. It involved a big parade. They were standing on the side of the parade, surrounded by a huge crowd, watching the dancing, costumed people march by. As his mom tells it, they were the only white people for miles. And they, as a family, probably really stuck out, because they are all exceedingly blond-haired and blue-eyed and fair-skinnned.
As the parade continued, Phillip got bored. He looked up at his parents and began to complain in a very loud voice.
"Mom! When are we going to see the INDIANS!?!?"
She leaned down and whispered "Honey, these are the Indians."
Apparently, everyone was extremely gracious and thought Phillip was the cutest thing ever. 
I love that little kids are so slow to notice the color of a person's skin. 

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