Thursday, February 16, 2012


 After yesterday's post about favorite things, I thought I'd share what's making me smile today. 
A gorgeous hyacinth my mom bought me for Valentines day is making my entire house smell heavenly! I catch a whiff every few minutes as I'm going about my day and it literally makes me sigh with happiness. I love this smell!
I'm still adding whipped cream to my coffee and, as you can see, drinking it out of a cool glass cup. I may also have added some ground espresso/sugar/chocolate to the top ;)
And I'm reading a book Katya loaned me on the kindle. It's a novel-length retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, one of my favorite childhood books! 
I went to look at another house today, and we might really buy this one! It's minty green and has a pool. The pool may be a drawback, I don't know. The only things putting a damper on my day is the huge paper cut that just appeared on my palm and a horrible hang-nail on my opposite hand. Where did it come from, and how do I make it stop?
Happy Thursday!!

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