Thursday, January 5, 2012

In my {lazy winter day} dreams

So far this week has been surprisingly warm here in Denver. It's supposed to be almost 65 degrees today, and I've been enjoying very long walks with the dog in the semi-warm sunshine. However, warm temperatures or not, I'm still very aware that it's winter, and I desperately want to curl up in this room and warm my cold feet by the fire.
I love the complex, warm colors and textures of this space. I love the wood and rock and nubby black carpet, and those huge pillows would be perfect to throw yourself on in an unending game of delightful bouncing and relaxing. Or you could curl up in that tiny lighted corner and read a good book. Just be careful going up and down the stairs, stay close to the wall on your way up to what I imagine is a huge bed/loft area with a giant TV for watching interesting and comforting movies with happy endings and beautiful costumes. 
Of course, on the other side of this room is a huge, giant wall of windows with gorgeous scenery. Something like this, perhaps:
Yes, this house definitely belongs in Iceland.
I'll definitely be moving there shortly. 
Have a relaxing, warm, peaceful Thursday!


  1. I want to curl up on that bench under the stares, listening to the fire crackle in the fireplace, sip my tea, and reading Les Miserables.....ahhhh that would be a perfect afternoon....

  2. Ooops....did I ever mention how some of your pictures really make me struggle with coveting....especially the cozy, comfy reading places....your blog is dangerous... However, you have a great eye for color. We are need of painting our home again, and since you paint well (wink) and know colors, I wish you lived closer so you could come help me with both!!

  3. I wish I could come over and help you with colors! I miss being able to paint!

  4. Well, at least keep those wonderful pictures coming. I do get inspired and have some ideas from things I've seen here. If we're painting when you're in town next, you have an ongoing invite!! Besides, if you're painting, it gives me more time to eat those bonbons (or try that bread recipe from the more recent post)