Monday, January 9, 2012

An afternoon treat

My afternoon treat: 
Hot, fresh homemade bread with butter and jam, a cup (or two) of tea and Downton Abbey.
My mom showed me the recipe for this incredibly simple, incredibly healthy no-knead homemade bread. It really is apparently almost impossible to ruin, no matter how confused you get or how upside down you make it. I made mine with whole wheat flour, and by leaving it for 18-20 hours, you are allowing the yeast to break down the wheat and make it easier to digest. This article has a great explanation about why naturally leavened bread is more healthy. I may have mentioned in the past that I have a really hard time digesting carbohydrates, and have had to mostly stay away from all grains for the last year. I'm hoping this bread will be different! Super healthy, super yummy, what's not to love?!
Next time I want to attempt sourdough, although that may be a tiny bit more complicated. 
Hope you have a wonderful Monday afternoon!
Pictures via my cell phone

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