Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Table: before and after

I wanted to give you all another glimpse into my decorating madness.
Here's what my table looked like between Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas decorations:
a pretty new plant from IKEA of all places!
still utilizing many of my natural Thanksgiving elements, but with a lush plant twist
angles are fun
I got those adorable mugs at Anthropologie on Black Friday! 
Here's our tiny, dorky little crooked Christmas tree. I kind of love it. It's potted, so we can plant it after Christmas! See how many presents I had to transport to Albuquerque!
And now, for my Christmas table, also utilizing many of the same elements, because let's face it, only rich people can have brand new stuff every time around ;)
(also of note, I did indeed try to iron the table cloth. I think I need to wash it and THEN iron it in order to get those crazy wrinkles out. lesson learned)

Here it is! I love it, yay! You can't tell in the pictures, but the table cloth is kind of a shimmery plaid. It's nifty.
Notice that I remembered to set out silverware and cups this time!
I seriously love this plant.
I had most of the elements, but I did buy the bell garland and little red hearts($1 for 3!) at Target. The glasses are from the thrift store, as are the little reindeer. 
I know I won't actually be home for Christmas, but my parent's are coming back with us the day after, so I wanted to make things festive for their visit. Besides, I love this stuff!
What elements/decorations do you keep from  year to year and absolutely love? Do you ever wish you could start all over? Will you get bored if I keep using all the same stuff to decorate?
(all my own pics, duh)


  1. I LOVE anything sparkly and red and gold and I really don't wish I could start over because it makes me feel all happy and nostalgic to bring out things from last year. And NO I will not be bored if you keep using all the same things to decorate but rather impressed and inspired by your creativity that does not break the bank;)

  2. What a beautiful table!! I love the combination of colors! So cheerful!