Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whirlwind week

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So sorry I've been absent these past few days! Phillip had a four day weekend, so we whirled off to Farmington to visit his parents. 
We encountered so many beautiful changing leaves, and also our first bit of snow! We had a fabulous time at an art walk, drank tons of coffee and tea and cocoa, met up with friends to stroll the park along the river, and even did a creepy nighttime bride themed photo shoot, which I'll hopefully be able to show you later. It was such a blast hanging out with my in-laws, they're the best!
This week we're off at a run, expecting company tonight and then new company tomorrow night. I'm going to see an Aunt I've been missing and then on a field trip with my other Aunt and cousin. We also have been invited to two costume parties this weekend, so I guess I had better see what I have in the way of costumes. I also have a few cool DIY projects that I need to work on, but for now I've got beds to make and carpets to vacuum and luggage to put away. 
What have you been up to since I went away? 

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