Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diary of an Unwilling Air Force Wife: Expectation v. Reality

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As I mentioned before, I was supposed to go to Canada this week. I've been dreaming of Prince Edward Island ever since I started reading L.M. Montgomery books as a young girl. It is the destination of my dreams and I am dying to go. My grandparents are on a month-long camping trip across the country and up into Canada to follow the changing leaves. They invited me to fly into Montreal and head up to PEI with them and then fly home from Boston. I had enough frequent flyer miles to make my ticket about $50 and I was busy planning my wardrobe and charging my camera and pre-missing Phillip when something went wrong with the airline and I wasn't able to go. 
I was seriously disappointed, but I was still pretty sick and didn't have the energy to be too upset. Instead, I started planning fun adventures for Phillip and I for the weekend. I knew I'd be feeling much better by now and I was looking forward to an Oktoberfest in a mountainous Colorado town and some late morning coffees and hopefully hiking and maybe a romantic dinner date or two.
Well, none of that stuff really happened, either.
Phillip ended up having to work all morning. I stayed home, walked the dog, and didn't drink any coffee because we were out of milk. When he finally came home, I talked him into taking me to Snooze, a fun local restaurant with a really unusual breakfast menu. I finally got coffee. 
We drove through the fabulous neighborhoods around the Cherry Creek shopping district and looked at the houses for sale and discussed the pros and cons of each one and tried to decide which one we would buy if we were millionaires. The decision was pretty much ANY of them. It's a gorgeous, wonderful neighborhood. 
We stopped at the store for a few things and came home so Phillip could get back to his never-ending homework. Instead of going out tonight, we have to stay in because Phillip agreed to be on call for one of his coworkers who happened to have very expensive tickets to a beer festival today. 
I'm making steak and fresh green beans for dinner. And for dessert I've baked this absolutely amazing-sounding cake roll. We'll probably watch a movie, maybe light candles and snuggle and chat, and I'm not upset anymore. 
So I guess the moral of this story is that good food can always cheer me up. 
Or maybe that I shouldn't be so upset when kinks and changes are thrown into my plans. 
I think being a military wife is all about learning to make the best of any situation, learning to appreciate my husband whenever he is around. Too often I allow the sudden changes to frustrate me, and I need to learn to just adapt quickly and turn every challenge into a fun new adventure.
And if all else fails, I can always have a little more chocolate. 

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  1. so well said! isn't it awful having to be a good military wife? but then again, the most growing and rewarding experience so far of my life...