Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's Child: Room for two

                                                                                         all images via Daniella on Pinterest

I have spent most of my life sharing a room. There was a period in my life, between the beginning of high school and the end of college when my room was all my own. But except for that approximately eight year period, I have almost always had a room mate. My sister and I had matching bedspreads at one point, and on the rare occasions when we made our beds, our room was quite cute. And now I have to share with a man, who doesn't even like flowery bedspreads and, despite rigorous military training, still doesn't make the bed.
My mom always told us when we complained about each other that sharing a room was good for us, would teach us things about getting along, loving our sister, etc. And now that I look back, I guess that's probably true. I did learn to love my sisters, despite a few stints of "your side/my side" rules that were self-enforced by makeshift curtains and literal fines for violating the terms of our agreement. 
And I know that my sisters and I all plan on forcing our poor children to learn the same lessons the same hard way. 
Space issues and childhood lessons aside, these shared rooms are just really cute, no?

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  1. Awww...I miss sharing a room with you and putting up curtains and having secret conversations with our flashlight signals after we were supposed to be asleep and doing nightgown ballet to the music from our music box! ;-) Sharing a room was the greatest (in retrospect). I LOVE the first 2 rooms especially, with the unique beds!