Friday, April 15, 2011

Home, James!

You all should see the car. It's a crazy, packed up mess. Between my suitcases, Phillip's packs, and the random assortment of new items we've accumulated in D.C., the poor car is quite overloaded. But glamorous, of course. 
Whenever we would get in the car after a long day, my parents would, in a stuffy English accent, order each other, as you would a chauffeur,  "Home, James." I have no idea what this is in reference to, but I always say it anyway. It's a family tradition now.
We're making progress! Drive on, James...I mean...Phillip ;)


  1. I THINK it's from Driving Miss Daisy....although I have never seen it. Please tell me the lady in the limo is a mannequin....otherwise it's kind of creepy! ;-) So glad you're almost home...

  2. seriously is that chic a mannequin? She has to be. if not they need to feed her and do a little less airbrushing.
    I'm glad you guys are home now :D