Friday, January 14, 2011

Tribal Trend

There have been a lot of tribal patterns popping up in the design world for quite some time. All of a sudden, what I always referred to as "Mexican Blankets" (which you could buy just about anywhere in NM) have been popping up. Mexican inspired textiles are all over the place - in rugs, in pillows, in curtains. 
I never really appreciated these textiles much. I thought of them (and many of them are) very Southwestern. Growing up in the Southwest, I somehow thought anything New Mexican was dull, boring, and ordinary. Why would anyone want to decorate in dirty reds and yellows? Why would anyone build a house with stucco and a flat roof? These things, to me, were not pretty.
But all of a sudden, I'm moving away! I might never return to live in this land of desert plants and wide lazy rivers and enormous red rocks and brilliant blue sky. All of a sudden, those Southwestern things I took for granted are beautiful and special. I want turquoise jewelry and pots, green chile, luminarias, and even some of those cheesy tribal dresses from Forever21. 

How about you? Do you like the tribal trend? Has there ever been something you were bored with that became precious to you when it was taken away? 


  1. wow that totally reminds me I need to go buy a couple of those Mexican blankets for my yoga practice before I leave NM too! Surprisingly Yogis go nuts for those things!

  2. Um me too!!! I felt the exact same way as you did. I ha have been wanting turqoise. But Im still not so hot on the mexican designs.

  3. Hmm, good point. I do tend to take all the NM themes for granted. Now you have me pondering what other areas I take for granted.