Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diary of an Unwilling Air Force Wife: "The Pile"

So my friends. It looks like I am finally getting ready to move. I have decided to throw all caution to the wind, pack my bags, and head out to D.C. to live near Phillip! I still don't know exactly where I'll be living or what I'll do with all that free time. All I know is that I need to be near my husband again, and soon! 
Because I've made this rash and crazy decision, I suddenly find myself in a rather rushed and awkward position. I have to pack up and move all of my stuff from the house we were renting by January 28. That's 9 days, ya'll! I have suddenly found myself overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of stuff that I own. Why would anyone own 10 fuzzy throw blankets? Or 37 frames? Or 20 vases? Or 50 mugs? (I am not exaggerating, I swear) 
This hoarder mentality is absolutely insane in an AFW. I simply cannot own this much crap! So I have started to dramatically pare down. Anything that I don't feel emotionally attached to or desperately need is going in "The Pile," a huge stack of random objects destined for Goodwill, where they can then find good homes and clutter up someone else's life and closets and garages. Its a little sad for me, really. Most of the stuff in "The Pile" really does have some kind of purpose. Even if the purpose was strictly decorative, I had really cool plans for all of it. But, sadly, "The Pile" must grow and grow in order for me to feel like a real AFW. 
Oh, what is an AFW, you ask?
AFW: The ruthless destroyers of useless mementos and pointless collections, Air Force Wives make cruel rules: Anything you haven't used in 6 months (or 3 or 9, depending on your AFW level) is thrown out or given away. Any box not opened between moves is thrown out unopened. Any duplicate items are disposed of. Etc. 
I don't do this without a fight. There's a reason this series is called diary of an unwilling AFW. I really don't like to give my stuff away. I like to keep it, store it, and hoard it. I like to decorate and accessorize and acquire. I don't think I was really wired to purge and declutter. But I am hoping that maybe, someday, my closets will look like this:
And that would be just swell. 
How about you? Are you an acquirer or a declutterer? Could you handle the AFW rules or would they drive you crazy?
Oh, and would you like a chance to dig through "The Pile" and take home some of my useless junk? There is actually some really good stuff in there. If you aren't moving and don't have any strict AFW rules to follow, please come over and help me eliminate "The Pile." All items free to a good home! 


  1. I have to use the AFW rules every summer when I move back home so I know how you feel. But I think you have more stuff than I do. But good news your moving a little closer to me!

  2. Sounds like an exciting adventure for sure! It sounds like it will be hectic but totally worth it.

  3. Yeah!!! How exciting for you, and yes, you need to be closer to hubby - no doubt about it. My sister was an AFW for over 22 years, so no, I already realize I couldn't live under those rules. I like to purge, though. Sounds weird, but I love spring cleaning to get rid of those items that have "snuck" into my space. I am not a hoarder, but I live with them. So, please do not let any of them see your invite to come get free stuff!!!!