Monday, December 13, 2010

In my {morning} dreams

Some days, its hard to wake up from my dreams. I lie in bed desperately trying to remember those last thoughts or moments before my alarm rudely interrupted, and I inevitably feel a strange sense of loss. If only I could close my eyes, pull the blankets back over my head, and return to that warm, hazy world of dreams.
But there is still something sweet about a long warm shower, a prancing puppy, and a hot cup of coffee to welcome the new week with. 
Sometimes I forget to cherish the routine. This week, I am going to enjoy my mornings if it kills me!
Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday to you!! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the "everyday". I don't do that enough, I know. Thank you for sharing.

    I pray you have a wonderful week! :)

  2. In your last photo is that girl wearing super long gloves? If so I think I am in love! Long gloves are amazing.

  3. Ooh I think she IS wearing long gloves! Awesome!