Monday, November 29, 2010

Sigh, another Monday. I'm trying to look positively on this day, as its the start of my last 2 weeks of work.  But somehow, my allergies or maybe a cold have attacked my throat and eyes and head. My brain feels cobwebby. I had to skip my contacts and wear my glasses because my eyes are so sensitive, and that always makes me a tad bit grumpy. The weather is utterly freezing, but the promised snow did not materialize. And this is the start of my fourth week without Phillip. He didn't get to call yesterday, and I'm nervous about several things he told me last week, and I hate waiting for answers! But I know this time will pass and I'll soon be caught up in the blur of holiday fun. Provided I don't fall asleep at my desk! 
Tell me about your Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a fabulous and long weekend!

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  1. Chocolate is always the answer for me - it heals a multitude of miseries.

    Thanksgiving was busy and quiet - odd, but true. Lots of family the first part, and then just quiet with my own little herd - at home quietly reading, playing games, eating (some), watching movies, snuggling, decorating for Christmas and just enjoying each other. We're praying for you, so eat some chocolate guilt free.