Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soothing bedrooms

For the past several years I have been planning and working on a soothing and neutral black and white master bedroom. I wanted white bedding, white walls, a few black accents, and silver lamps. Something like this:
Or this: 
So I was a little astounded to find myself drawn over and over again to this image:
I absolutely LOVE this room. I can't get over it! Despite the close proximity of orange, blue, yellow, and green, this space still feels calm and soothing to me. I want to curl up in that chair with my book and stare out that window to dream and lounge in that bed all day. Every detail of this space appeals to me. You don't think my husband will mind if I buy an entirely new bedroom while he's gone, right? 
How about you? Do you prefer the black and white or the more colorful option? Or neither? I probably won't be changing my bedroom any time soon, but a girl can dream!


  1. Hmm, if I had to decorate a home I would go with the classy black and white; but for myself I would go with colors. They are warm and comforting to me. :)
    Love, Rebecca

  2. i like that room too, except for that blue chair. something about all the primary colors just kills me, and the blue seems to be the odd one out since the rest look very autumn-ish.

    but i think you should re-do your whole house while Phil is away. distractions are -good- ; )
    remember my 10000000 projects i was about to start while Nathan was gone? ; )

  3. I love that chair. It looks too comfy. But I might be convinced that a different color would be better. But no. I still love it.
    Haha I do remember your projects. And I would totally redo my house while Phillip is away, but I know I'm going to have to move, and I can't seem to get too excited about it. Maybe after Christmas I'll feel differently. Or when I know when/where we're moving.