Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Hello! How was your Labor Day Weekend? Mine was delightful. I didn't accomplish anything I should have, and somehow that was just perfect. I slept too much and possibly hiked a bit too much (my back is killing me today!). I also spent a lot of time lounging around with Phillip, which is pretty much all I want to do when I realize that he'll be leaving in exactly 9 weeks! And since I won't be around for 2 of those weeks, I feel quite needy.
 But now its time to get down to business becuase, while I only have 7 weeks left to spend with him, I also only have 7 weeks to turn the chaos that is our home into a stack of neatly packed boxes. Crazy! But I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to a beautifully busy Fall.
I'm looking forward to stomping on crunchy leaves,
via pink wallpaper
to wearing boots and sweaters and hats,
via this is glamorous
(isn't this the perfect fall get-up? I love it!)
and to watching (and going to) football games.
(I'm not really a Manning fan, but I really like this picture!)
I'm also really looking forward to pumpkin breads and steaming apple cider.
What are you looking forward to this Fall?


  1. Yes to pumpkin bread! (And all other things pumpkin...I think pumpkin is my favorite thing about Fall...) Thanks now I am hungry.

  2. I am looking forward to hot cider, hot tea, and hot chocolate....and this year I am going to learn how to make Hot tottys! Those are delicious!