Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bold Art

I've been working on an art project for the past few days, and have been thinking a lot about the art on my walls - which is essentially none. I have so much art sitting around my house in closets and propped up against walls. And I never get around to hanging it. I think I am afraid that it won't look right or will display my utter lack of decorating skills. I need to take a class or read a book on how to hang art in an eye-catching and pleasing arrangement. My fear of hanging my art stems mostly from my inexperience. And I know that the only way to solve that problem is to practice. To hang my art and not be afraid to take it down two days later and hang it again in a new place or arrangement.
These images all inspire me with their bold use of big and colorful art. And they expose my other reason for not hanging my art: It is so easy to hide behind blank walls rather than to display who I am by displaying the art I love. What is stopping me from looking at the images that inspire me? And while I'm at it, why is all of my art black and white? I think I may have to step outside of my normal charcoal comfort zone and paint something bright and abstract. What kind of art do you love? Have you ever been afraid to hang something on your walls for any reason?

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