Thursday, September 30, 2010

And it was all yellow...

Today is incredibly busy at work, as we try to finish a huge amount of documentation for our major project. Just a bit of yellow to carry us through Thursday. I never really knew I liked yellow, but I have TONS of yellow images saved in my inspiration folder. It's just a color that makes me feel happy!
How about you? Does yellow wake you up or give you a little burst of energy, or is it not on your list of color choices? 


  1. I love how just that little touch of yellow brightens up all the rooms, without overwhelming them. Except the next to last picture offends my sensibilities because the weird modern furniture and ugly painting are so incongrous and out of place with the lovely chandelier, curtains, and crown molding. That room hurts me...and I just want to refurnish it with some beautiful pieces from the French Bedroom company, or an antique store!

  2. I love the little hints of yellow too...but, I actually kind of like that room with the fancy moldings and the modern furniture. I know its definitely not for everyone, but its definitely a bold design choice, so I like it from an artistic point of view. And I don't think the art is ugly! I personally wouldn't go quite THAT modern in that space though...